Elf Esquina of blue Moon x Euro-Ch. Capt. Jean- Luc Picard von Neko no Shiro

Flying Faruk of blue Moon (Balinese lilac-point)
First Fanfar of blue Moon (Balinese lilac-point)
Flash Gordon of blue Moon (Balinese lilac-point)
Fara-Faida of blue Moon (Balinese lilac-point)

Our kittens ar now 12 weeks old and it is time for them to leave to a new owner.
(Fara-Faida of blue Moon)
Flying Faruk of blue Moon, lilac-point, 9 weeks
Faida and Faruk with 7 weeks
A difficult job for Esquina to look after her playing and climbing kittens
Flying Faruk of blue Moon (4 weeks)
1st day
Just at Christmas (12/26/98) Esquina has given birth to four beautiful little kittens.
We are very happy that our mum and her babies are doing so well.

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